Two Men by Sare Kumagai

Once upon a time, there were two men who lived on either side of a vast country. They both lived near the ocean and came from large, close families.

Francis was an Irish Catholic farmer. He worked the same land in New Brunswick that his family had for generations and married a beautiful young woman of a different faith. At times a Log Driver, Horse Trainer, Long Distance trucker, he remained a faithful and dedicated family man all his years.

Genzo was a Japanese Buddhist Fisherman. He was the first generation in his family born in Canada and their boats were part of Vancouver's Nikkei Fleet. Racism and War robbed their family of the beginning they had built in their new home, but he built a new life with a young Austrian woman who had also had a difficult war.

Two men, born with a continent between them. They couldn't have been more different and yet their dedication, endurance and love for their families united them as much as the marriage between their children.

This father's day, I salute these two men who's choices lead to my life. I thank them and miss them with every breath.