Thank you so much for participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt at the 2016 Hillside Festival!
Before we can assemble the ultimate Hillside Photo Collection we need your permission to let us post the images here. 

Please read the following carefully, then submit your name, email address and the URL where your photo can be found and we'll email you to let you know when they are live on the site. 

The Fine Print: 

Be aware that you are only giving permission to present your images here and that all rights of ownership and copyright remain with you. It is also your responsibility to ensure that any people who appear in your images have given their permission have their photo displayed here. Likewise, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the permission of the parent or guardian of any minor who appears in your photos. Your images will not be used for any purpose other than display.  By submitting the location of these images you release Sare Kumagai from any liability surrounding the presentation of these images and you affirm that you are the owner of the image you are submitting. 

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